Product Code: E1060
Thank you for choosing esse! We trust its quality and technical features. Proper care and maintenance will extend its use time. Improper use and maintenance can cause discomfort and premature aging of the boot.
waterproof feature
Try to find the perfect pressure when tying the boot. Our laces are treated to offer excellent resistance to abrasion and moisture. Most esse-boots are equipped with a lace-blocker system that helps prevent shoes from leaking. Let your shoes dry naturally and avoid fire, radiator, sun, etc. Do not expose to direct heat such as Remove the soles of the feet for faster drying. If your boots have been exposed to salt, excessive dirt, animal feces or other substances that may damage the materials, they should be cleaned with warm water and a brush before scratching. For hygienic reasons, occasional cleaning of the interior and ESSE-TEX° is also recommended.
Leather is a natural product just like human skin. It should not dry out and crack. Therefore, it is extremely important to give him a regular treatment. All leather and textiles in all of our products have been thoroughly waterproofed to ensure the ESSE-TEX° membrane works correctly and keeps the shoe waterproof. Apply Vaseline occasionally against metal wear to protect it from corrosion.